Let's Shatter the Stigma.

Access evidence-based cannabis education centering women and families.  Choose wellness and balance as a daily lifestyle and Shatter the Stigma related to cannabis.

Benefits of our courses & training programs

Culturally competent evidence-based cannabis education centering the unique needs of women, birthing people, and families.


Our trainings and courses are designed to provide education centering Black and Indigenous communities who have traditionally used cannabis as medicine for centuries.  Education for us, by us.


Using cannabis science and therapeutics that have been researched by experts, physicians, and scientists in the field of endocannabinology and cannabis medicine, our course provide thorough information for individuals to make informed decisions.

Holistically Crafted

Students learn to center their mind, body, and spirit in all phases of life and wellness in order to implement healthy routines and adopt healthier lifestyle choices.  
Choose wellness. 


families served


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Get Closer To Your Wellness Goals

Whether you are here looking for evidence-based information to make informed decisions on cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding, looking for holistic alternatives to support womb health, or tips for talking to your family or doctor about cannabis, The Cannabis Doula is here to support your unique holistic needs.

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Our course participants love The Cannabis Doula

"I absolutely loved every part of this course being a cannabis consultant and pregnant for the first time this information made me confident to consume cannabis while pregnant."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course! I liked that I could work at my own pace every week and was able to soak in all of this empowering information.."
-NAYA g.
"Everything was great! I received the exact information that I’ve been searching for, for years!"
"I loved The Cannabis Doula...Would recommend over and over again."
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